Looking for a specific item or just browsing for ideas? Loud Mouth Promotions is your Canadian based, one-stop distributor for custom promotional products and business gifts. Our extensive range of premium promotional products will ensure you find something to suit your requirements. We service Canada, United States, and overseas markets.


Promotional items and marketing merchandise are the basis of every business. Branded promotional items are used in all facets of business to business as well as business to customer relations. From business cards, magnets, stickers, hats, shirts to anything different or unusual: we've all seen a brand customized on that merchandise. Is it necessary? Yes. Why?

Build your brand recognition. Recognition creates trust, and trust is critical to the growth of your business. When customers become familiar with your brand, your business will grow. Seeing your brand on promotional items will create the recognition and familiarity you require. (Don't forget that you are responsible for your customer service, which is the ultimate bottom line in business.)

Advertising is cheaper. You may incur the initial cost of the branded promotional item, but the advertising you will receive from that small cost is invaluable. The walking billboard that you create from giving away custom promotional products is cheaper than traditional advertising methods.

Make a Profit. Depending on the type of business you have, selling merchandise with your brand can be profitable. You could also take advantage of the collectibility of merchandise. The best example (because we work with breweries) is selling promotional merchandise with your brewery logo on it. Everyone loves to mark the places they've been with a souvenir. Boost your profits with promo swag!

Be noticed. Be extra! Grab some attention. Stand out with your own custom promotional products. People are exposed to thousands of brand exposures per day. Be sure your brand is the one remembered.


Loud Mouth Promotions is a full design studio with exceptional capabilities to create unique products. We have full design, prototyping, and printing capabilities to create products in Canada. We also have a procurement and manufacturing team in Asia that can produce all products to our prototype specifications.
With 30 years of experience, award winning designs, and thousands of selections, Loud Mouth Promotions offers branded merchandise to fulfill all of your needs. We will provide customized, relevant recommendations for you. Simply take a look around or contact us now and we’ll do the shopping for you!

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